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Whew!  I think we can all agree that March 2020 was an "interesting" month to say the least.  2020 is certainly off and running with a bang.  From the UnFrumpyMommy family to yours - we hope that you have all been able to maintain your physical and spiritual health during these challenging times.  Just remember - this too shall pass!  It is times like these when I  look towards my faith for guidance and strength.   As Easter fast approaches, I pray that this season will bring us all a sense of renewal and hopefulness - just as it did hundreds of years ago.  Lets all keep each other lifted up in prayer and we'll get through this together.  XOXO - Tan

Now, more than ever, we appreciate those of you who have shown us love via email and social media!  We know that online shopping was the only way to shop for many of us in March.  We thank you for shopping at TheUnFrumpyMommyStore.

Armani Moore (modelchickny) has shown us so much love lately!  Thanks Armani, you look great in your Luxe Lips T-shirt!

Check out the gorgeous Neshon Davis living her best life in the Africa Strong T-Shirt.

A big shout out to mz_melly_mel from right here in our hometown of Atlanta!

Shout out to the fabulous dreluxtv.  Deb certainly knows a little something about styling luxe fashions. 

I love to see my fellow FAMUans thriving!  Check out black_butterfly1913 as she moves in silence!

Nothing like a fun girls night out.  Just ask _itsoctaviaj!  I love how she rocked her Luxe Lips T-shirt!

The Luxe Lips T-Shirt continues to be one of our most popular items - and ladies like msbrandy418 style it flawlessly!

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This message is so important - now more than ever...
Just in time for Easter - giving praise to our Lord and Savior
Righteous Spring Cleaning - Jesus Cleanses My Soul T-Shirt

Join the Double G gang!

A new spin on our popular Luxe Lips t-shirt.
Jesus is all the motivation I need!     

    Where are all my Aries at!!  Yep, I'm an April baby and proud Aries.  Post a comment to my YouTube or Instagram if you're an Aries too.  If you are an Aries, do you fit the characteristics of a typical Aries?  Supposedly, an Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances.  Although I could say I don't totally believe in Astrology ... I have to say these positive personality traits describe me pretty well.  I definitely try not to exhibit all the so-called "negative" traits of Aries!  Are you a typical Aries?  If so, what other astrological signs do you typically get along with?

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