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My New Year's quest for a fresher, cleaner lifestyle continues! Lately I've been obsessed with aromatherapy as a way to reduce stress, relax and improve my sleep quality.  Like anything else we buy, there are A LOT of options out there for the optimal fragrance experience - from the basic to the luxe (i.e expensive).  This month's newsletter is all about experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy and glamour of wearing an alluring scent without breaking the bank!  In fact, part of my inspiration in creating my UnFrumpySKIN collection was to give my followers a luxe fragrance experience minus the luxury price tag!  A huge thanks to all of you that have supported the UnFrumpySKIN product line since we introduced it in January of 2022.  It has been a great success, and I feel honored to have my product as part of your beauty and aromatherapy regimen!
XOXO - Tan

Smelling great doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Here are a few of TheUnFrumpyMommy's recent affordable fragrant body butters, perfumes and body oils...





We love our YouTube subscribers! Our favorite YouTube comments from March...


Some of Tan's favorite videos featuring her must have perfumes!

Just as a great smelling perfume doesn't have to cost a fortune, a great aromatherapy candle doesn't have to break the bank.  Bad Bath and Beyond is a tried and true source for great smelling candles and great deals.  Here are a few scents that keep Tan's home smelling fresh and clean!



Get your wardrobe ready for Spring!




Warm weather means spending more time "outside".  Stay ready for your next Spring outing with these hair necessities.




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