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There's nothing like a fresh new year!  While the beginning of the year is typically not an entirely clean slate - it does represent an opportunity to "clean out the cobwebs" in our lives.  As you may know, last year I was on a journey of minimalism and decluttering my life.   At the start of this year, I've been inspired to lead a more "clean" lifestyle.  No drastic changes for me - but I do want to continue on refreshing my spaces and making small, yet inspired changes my life.  Lately, I've fallen in love with the idea of a fresh, clean home.  I've always been a bit of a neat freak, but this year I really want to kick it up a notch!  I'm enjoying the fragrances and aroma therapy of a clean home, fragrant candles, the smell of fresh linen, the feel of hot clean towels...Thus, this month's newsletters is all about making your spaces neat and tidy in 2023, and wishing you all a "so fresh and so clean" new year!
 - Tan




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Fresh, clean, glowing, beautiful skin is often a reflection of how well we're taking care of ourselves.  If one of your resolutions is better self-care in the new year, make sure you've checked out TheUnFrumpySKIN collection!

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If you love the scent of Delina Exclusif, this is the body butter for you. This luxurious body butter, complete with shea butter and a host of natural oils is a seductive fragrance that channels your inner vixen. This enticing scent is a provocative meld of pear, lychee, grapefruit, vanilla, musk and evernyl.

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This nostalgic scent is made even better when combined with the amazing benefits of both shea and mango butter.


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This lavish butter aids in healing acne, lightens hyper-pigmentation, reduces dark circles and combats the signs of pre-mature aging.

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If you love the amber floral fragrance of the iconic Gucci Guilty, you’ll love Guilty. Guilty is filled with all the natural butters and oils that will have your skin looking and feeling amazing - with notes of juniper, lavender, lemon, orange blossom, nutmeg, Spanish labdanum, patchouli, dry wood and musk


Turmeric Lime Face Mask & Scrub

Smooth, glowing skin is something that we all deserve. Turmeric affords us this, with its natural, beneficial properties that aid in acne scarring, boosts healing of the skin and helps with psoriasis. The UnFrumpySkin Turmeric Face Mask & Scrub, is infused with turmeric, mango butter and vitamin E, to create the ultimate must have for your face.


Organize, organize, organize.  An organized home is a clean home.  Don't even bother cleaning, until you've really organized and decluttered.  Be inspired by the start of a new year to declutter your domicile!  With the start of the new year, don't hesitate to unload all the excess "stuff" that's cluttering your living spaces.

Keep supplies within reach. While you're organizing your home, don't forget to organize your cleaning supplies!  Keep basic cleaning supplies in stock and in multiple rooms.  Make sure everything is within reach!  There's nothing like finally being motivated to clean, and then realizing you don't have the necessary products, to demotivate you.  Speaking of keeping supplies in stock...

The Dollar Tree is your best friend!  Dollar Tree is a great spot for stocking up on cleaning basics - bleach, vinegar, sponges, gloves, etc...

Make it a Family Affair.  We all know that chores are a great way to teach children (and sometimes husbands) discipline.  Everyone that contributes to making a mess in the home should contribute to cleaning it!  Ladies, don't take on the burden of cleaning up the home all on your shoulders.  You don't have to be a martyr to have a tidy home.

 Speaking of not taking on all of the burden of a clean home, consider hiring housekeepers.  Yes, having housekeepers is a luxury.  But if you have a larger home, children, pets and even messy husbands, it might be more of a necessity.  As busy wives, moms and career women, we often try to do it all to the detriment of our sanity

Stay on top of laundry - even if you have to wash every day!  Even in a household with only two or three family members, it can be amazing how quickly dirty clothes can pile up.  Laundry and dish washing are two chores that really must be done almost every day if you don't want to become quickly overwhelmed with chores!



There's nothing quite like the fresh clean scent of Gain for laundry.  We're so excited that it's now available in the kitchen with this new Gain Powerblast Original Cleaner Starter Kit.
  Bring all the loveliness of an outdoor Spring garden inside with Meyer's Cleaning products that are thoughtfully formulated with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. One of our personal Mrs. Meyer's favorites is the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set (Acorn Spice).
How did we clean floors before Swiffers?  We personally think the Swiffer is the greatest invention since sliced bread! We use both types of Swiffers (Wet Jet and dry) on each floor of our home!
The Swiffer Wet Jet  is AMAZING and a great alternative to mopping the floor.
As much as we love our Swiffers, sometimes you just have to mop the floor.  The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System is a great system to clean your floors without breaking your back or the bank!
What would mopping be without a little bit of Lavender Fabuloso All Purpose Cleaner for Floors and Kitchens to add that fresh, clean, floral smell to your home?
We absolutely LOVE the smell of lavender in my home.  This Method All Purpose Cleaner, French Lavender (in a single pack or pack of eight) is a great compliment to the Fabuloso lavender cleaner! 
To save your nails and hands, always make sure to wear a good pair of gloves when cleaning.
This Glade Carpet and Room, Hawaiian Breeze always takes us back to our favorite Hawaiian vacation memories.
Clorox ToiletWand is the best way to clean dirty toilets for germaphobes who don't want a dirty toilet brush lying around their home!

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Need some motivation to do some New Year's cleaning?  Check out some of Tan's "Clean With Me" videos...

There's nothing like a little aromatherapy after a hard day's work to help you relax and unwind.  Check-out the UnFrumpyMommy's favorite relaxing and affordable candle scents for the New Year...

Tired of chilly Winter days?  Try this Mainstays Coconut Sands Scented Candle and imagine the sand underneath your toes as coconut replenishes you in the heat of the tropical sun.
Who says you have to pay a lot of money for a candle?  This Mainstays Fall Farmhouse Scented 3-Wick Glass Jar Candle will have you feeling cozy for Fall without breaking the bank!
Get the smell of fresh baking in your home without making a mess in your kitchen with this Home Scents Cranberry Nut Muffin Candle.

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