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I WILL NEVER TAKE VACATION FOR GRANTED AGAIN ...  ok, honestly - I never really took vacation for granted, but now I definitely miss those carefree trips of the past.  I've always appreciated and enjoyed any time to get away and spend quality time with my family.  Like a lot of you, I'm starting to get cabin fever as summer approaches and vacation season begins.  Typically, my family would have taken at least one or two winter / spring trips to Orlando (Disney and Universal).  By this time of the year we would normally be planning our annual "non-Orlando" summer vacation.  Of course, with everything that has happened this year we haven't traveled anywhere and are trying to figure out what we are going to do this summer.   Is it really safe to travel yet?  Are amusement parks safe? Are beaches safe? Are planes and hotels being disinfected thoroughly? These are all questions that are top of mind for my family as we try to salvage the second half of 2020.  That being said, I know that no matter what happens, I am blessed to have my health and well-being during these turbulent times.  I encourage those that are able, to donate to charitable organizations in your area that can help the families who have been most affected by this global pandemic.

What are your plans for this summer?  Are you planning any trips?  If you are, please exercise caution and wear masks when out in public.   Whatever you are doing stay safe, be blessed and above all HAVE FUN!!!  XOXO - Tan


If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you know that my absolute favorite place to vacation is Orlando (Disney and Universal).  Here's a great video of my husband Erik explaining why:

We've also had great trips to Europe...

The Grand Canyon...


And Yosemite National Park...

Some of our other favorite vacation spots include the Caribbean, New York, Las Vegas, Canada and Savannah. What are some of your "go to" vacation destinations?


@uhhajia and her sis hit us with the Savage Challenge on Tik Tok while rocking the Savage T-Shirt!! 

These two lovely young ladies were also socially responsible and fashionable at the same time - wearing the Keep Calm 6 Feet T-Shirt/Mask Bundle while social distancing.



Shout out to brandybaby620 and Tracey Jones for also showing us love:



Tracey Jones had a HUGE order:

There is nothing like being a spoiled wife - just ask Ms. Venus V:


Even more great reviews and love we received in May...

Sent from my iPhone Hi Tan I have been watching you for a couple of years now. I love you and your family. I’m sending you this email to thank you for all the lovely T-shirts I’m really enjoying all of them and to tell you I think your customer service is great. Letting us know that the package is out for delivery and another one to tell us it has been delivered great job. I have never commented on any videos no reflection on you I don’t comment on anyone’s videos but I always give you a thumbs up. I will be ordering again soon until then may God bless you and your family. D.JOHNSON Albany NY.

Just received my first order and I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful I love my shirts -I will be following you for new products and look forward to ordering more items thank you again👏❤️ - R.MALLPY

Thank you Tan. I received my t-shirt today. I find your customer service to be excellent. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Much appreciated


Hi Tan,

I got the shirts today and I absolutely love them!! Thank you so much for everything!

Good Morning Tan, I really didn't need any help with my order, but just want to say you and Erik, are awesome. Sorry if I’ve spelled your names wrong - anyway I love your channel. I enjoy the shout outs. This is my second time placing an order with you guys and it was for my daughter in Virginia, and this one is for my daughter-in law in Florida. Next month will be for my other daughter-in-law, then something for me finally lol. I just love to see people of color do positive things, it's so uplifting, inspirational and you educate! What a blessing - thanks so much. Keep going. When things get back to semi-normal I hope you and your family get to your happy place in Disney. Peace and happiness to you and your family. Jersey girl in NC – V. DRUMMOND.

This is my 4th t-shirt I bought so far and I have to say I am very pleased with everyone.

Also pleased with the items I purchased from your Poshmark store.

Be Safe,
Renee M.
From Philly

Good morning from the DMV! (Fort Washington, MD)

Hope all is well!

My fam and I are good. Just the new normal teleworking and staying put & safe.

So I re – ordered the same shirt Turban Queen in a Larger size – due to this COVID19– like many of us – well I’ve gained some weight so my Medium Turban Queen was a lil snugged. : ( When I first received my order (loving the pink package) I was so excited – those dots were all in the truck when I opened my package – I was telling my husband this is from my You Tuber friend store. (as if we are really friends) Anyways, I meant to send you guys a pic but so much was going on with this crisis like running to the grocery store, making sure our family and friends were good. By the time I tried my shirt on again – which was yesterday – I was like – OMGosh (hot a$$ mess) are you serious!

So I went ahead an order another Turban Queen because I love the material and how it was fitting nice & cute, paired with my jeans & heels – walking all thru the grocery store in a panic. 😊

Okay – so why am I sending you this email – well, I do not have any social media (no Face Book, Face Time, DM) besides my email. From time to time, I do enjoy going on You Tube. I love watching all of what you and your husband put out there/excellent material/very good to know etc.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to my pink package-lil treats : ) continue to keep up the all the excellent work on You Tube and stay in touch – who knows we may be real friends later on. Thank you guys for all you do! T. BROWN

Hello Tan I just received my t shirts and I love them all. They’re very good quality a great fit much more than I expected. I so look forward to buying more of them in the future. Have a Good Night and you and your family stay safe F. MCCULLUM

Good evening I just got home from being out with hubby and found a pink package immediately I knew what it was😊. Can you say omg I was speechless. You are the bomb the wig I ordered is here along with some goodies the footies the mints and of course the headband or cover. I thank you so much this was more than I dreamed of. You are awesome. I don’t comment on your Youtube but I’ve been subscribed for some time now I so love watching you and Erick and of course you handsome young man. I’m waiting on my tshirts and if they’re anything like the wig and the other things I received count me in from here on out👍🏾 I’m so excited. I will definitely be in touch as soon as I receive my tshirt order. Have a good night and thank you🙏🏽 F. MCCULLUM

Love my shirt Tan! My girls like it too, so I’ll be ordering one for them as well♥️ E. BOWEN

Thanks for the beautiful T-shirts and special touches of love. It’s evident that you take your time and wrap every item with love;) A. HUDNALL

I received my package today. Thank you so much for putting the extra love and care in packaging my order! My kids were as excited as I was when they saw the surprises you had inside. Now my husband wants a Faith over Fear t-shirt. His name is also Eric with a c. Receiving my package really brightened my day! Thank you for going the extra mile! I pray you and your family are well! May God continue to bless you! J.MARTIN


We've gotten so much love from the curvy girls since launching TheUnFrumpyMommyStore, and it is greatly appreciated.  In response to all the positive feedback we've received on our UnFrumpyCurves line, we recently introduced new 4XL designs just in time for Summer:



One of our most popular designs for May was the Savage T-ShirtTik Tok dances and challenges aside, we know this shirt is so popular because every woman has these different sides to her personality.  Which sides do you display the most?  We recently completed an in-depth psychological evaluation of Tan's personality - see the results below...


Classy - 70%

Bougie 30%

Ratchet - 10%



Between 5/30/2020 and 6/13/2020 Receive 10% off the purchase of two items with the exclusive newsletter code - JUNENEWS2020.

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