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  • Thank you for the great customer service! I love the spray and will definitely purchase more. LEOLA H.

  • Good Evening Tan and Eric!

    I received my Melanin Hoodie 💕 today and I'm loving it! 🥰 I truly appreciate your speedy delivery service, beautiful packaging 💝 and the special enclosed gift! 🎁

    Thanks A Million and May God Bless! 🙏🏾♥️ CHRISTINE H.

  • I Love the Body Butter/Hand Sanitizer/moisturizer, Thank you 1st Order I have been watching for years - DIANE J.

  • Thank u I received my order today the smells are awesome. I don't know why it took me so long to order from your website..... I've been a subbie for a while. To be honest, I'm obsessed with Date Night the scent is magical. Thank u again Tan I'm sold. You are very professional business savvy shipping was on time customer service outstanding. DENISE D.

  • Hello,

    My order has been received I just wanted to say thank you. I love your body butters and my husband and I love when you and Eric have your talks.

    We both watch them then talk about them together. Something’s we agree with some we don’t, but they’re great for conversations.

    We love to see our people intelligently conversing. Especially, a black married couple.

    We will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in 2 weeks.

    Keep loving, listening to and respecting each other.

    Thanks again,

  • Good Evening,
    Tan l just received my Chanel Sunglasses.  I had to write to let you know they are Beautiful! Thank you so very much. The Chanel sunglasses are In impeccable condition. I am overwhelmed with joy. God Bless you & thank you, PATRICIA W 🌷

  • Hello my beautiful sister & Friend:) Tan thanks so much. I pray that you’re having an absolutely amazing day 🤗❤️🙏🏼Blessings ❤️🙏🏼  ARETHA H


  • Hi Tan,
    I pray that all is well. I received the Gucci messenger bag and it’s fabulous for my sweet son supply bag. He has many needs and that bag is a blessing. On another subject…I’m in need of more of the cucumber match tea. I didn’t see it on your site so is this one that you discontinued? It smells so light and fresh. I’m one that can’t wear fragrance due to my sweet son allergies and the body butter is so delightful.

    Enjoy your week! Blessings beautiful ❤️🙏🏼


  • Thank you so much for the Louis Vuitton purse. I received it yesterday. I absolutely love it!! You are so generous, I appreciate you parting with it for such a great price!!!

    Austin Texas

  • Happy New Year Tan and Family,

    Tan, gurrrl! My body butter came today ! I am shoooocked! That stuff smells sooooo good - i had to sit down and gather myself! I ordered the Gently Fluid Gold Body Butter, Tan - Imma need another one! You did a great job ! I want to try the other ones too, so look for my order to try the Savage - it's coming! Tan I think I'm spoiled - i was looking in the box and I said, "Tan didn't send me any candy!". 😊 Anyway, Tan my husband smelled the fragrance as i walked by, he was like "Wait, what you wearing?", i said "That's Tan's body butter!". This man is hardly ever impressed, but he was like umm that smells good! Keep making us girls out here happy! Please have my Savage ready for me!

    Love You Tan!

  • Hello Mrs. Tan,

    My name is Jennifer P, I am sending love and well wishes from Spartanburg, South Carolina, the home of Converse College. I have several of your t-shirts which I wear with pride. I often get compliments on my t-shirts from my sisters and other people, therefore I've chosen to bless my sister with several of your shirts as a gift. Please review the below t-shirt styles and sizes and let me know if there are any questions. I could not leave myself out, so I included a couple of shirts for myself.

    Thanks! JENNIFER P.

  • Good evening, I’ve received both orders. I’m in love with my T-shirts! Thank you, GWEN G.

  • Hi Tan,
    I received my shirt yesterday and what a pleasant surprise to see the shirt of Sade. One of my favorite singers. Thank you so much. 
    Take care,

    HAZEL R.


  • Hello, I am writing to advise you of the many, many compliments my husband and I received while wearing our "Black Marriages Matter" T-Shirts last month. We wore them when we visited Atlanta and surrounding cities last month for our nephew's wedding.. We traveled from Florida. Everywhere we went we were asked where we got our shirts from or they liked our shirts. My husband and I have been married thirty six and a half years, so we really believe in the saying.

    It got kind of comical. I wrote your site name down and gave it to a guy who was waiting in the drive thru line when we came out of a fast food restaurant. I just found your site two months ago. I love it! I also brought the "Chocolate Covered Nurses" t-shirt for my girlfriend for her birthday. It was a big hit at work! The same questions were asked of her. I am almost 64 years young and love what you are doing.

    Even if you are a Rattler! My husband and I are BCU Wildcats!

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Tee.O

  • Hello Tan hope you are having a blessed and beautiful day. Received my order today and I have already tried it. Stirred product and consistency is great. Feels wonderful on the skin. Will be ordering again🙏🏾❤️ BARBARA N.

  • Here is some pics from my Goddaughters party everyone loved the Tee’s - YVONNE M.


  • Hello TheUnfrumpyMommy,

    Soooo, I finally picked up the package that my friend brought over on mother's day weekend, and chiiiile...

    These butters are EVERYTHING! The texture, the scents...pure elegance. You are definitely sitting on a gold mine, because these butters feels and smells like something you would purchase from a high end luxury boutique. It glides on, it's not oily on my skin, it leaves my skin so so soooo buttery soft...OMG! My husband is just obsessed with holding on to me. I mean, he's always a romantic guy, but last night and tonight's bath night makes him think he's a teenager all over again, lol. These butters will definitely be a staple in my household. Can't wait for the second package. I'll definitely have to get the men scent in my next order. Hubby will definitely love some of the extra attention.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Good Morning,
    I received my body butter order a few days ago. Wow the fragrance is amazing. I ordered another jar for my best friend today for her birthday. Can you tell me when the baby powder body butter will be back in stock?


  • Hey There and TGIF!!

    How are you and the family?

    I received my 2nd order along with my applicator (thanks for explaining it below - I appreciate it)

    Now, listen.......before I even open up my other packages that were delivered - I grabbed yours......I smelt the chocolate soon as I opened up the shipping box! It was so delightful.......and I got so happy feeling....

    I plan to try out my Turmeric Scrub- TODAY! soon as I log off - and my Her She Kiss!!!

    Thank you and have a good day!

    See yah in the next video!! TERESA B.

  • Streets Of Paris Smells So Good 💖 It. Thank You JUDY S.
  • Hi Tan,

    You really out did yourself with the body butter! I mean it is the best I have ever used.
    I absolutely love it. I love the texture. I love that it’s not heavy. I love that it’s not greasy. I love the smell. I love that the scent lingers for hours! I will be ordering more.

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi Tan!! I received my package on yesterday, and I am so over-the-moon with the quality of your body butters!!! In addition to the quality, they smell so good!! Between the two that I ordered, Come Hither and Baecation, Come Hither is so seductive and smells absolutely devine!!! I was generous enough to gift Baecation to my niece since the fragrance is more on the sweet and playful side to me. I went to bed slathered in Come Hither and woke up slathering on more😂😂😂😂. Congrats on the skin care line idea, bringing it into fruition, and hitting it out of the ball park with delivering great quality products!!! I look forward to trying more...God bless🙏🏾!!! JENNIFER J.

  • Hi Tan!
    Happy new year! I am a quiet follower of your YouTube channel. Today i decided to relax and see what the UnfrumpyMommy was up too and to my surprise i saw you have a new line of skin care i rushed to the link and everything was sold out ! Whaaat! I have gained so much knowledge from your channel from fashion to home, fragrance (I discovered Twilly fragrance from your channel!) Please how can i know when you restock with the face scrub and body butter if I don't act fast I know U will miss out! Keep doing what you are doing I love your channel!

    DONNA B from Chi-town!

    • Good morning Tan!
      I am so excited that you responded! You are amazing too ! I have bought your shirts and hoodies and I love them!  I will be looking for your restock announcement, I really enjoy your videos , your introduction with greeting your viewers make me smile ! God is all over you and your family !
      Thank you for kindly responding to my email

      DONNA B

    • Hi Tan,
      I got my body butter today , tan this stuff is amazing ! The cucumber matcha tea is so luscious, smell really good ,Then when you put it on its so moisturizing but not greasy! Tan you did that! My only request is please reserve my future order of face scrub i'm not fast enough when ordering!😊 and body butter your customers did not come to play when getting your skin products!
      Blessings always ,,

      DONNA B. Chicago

  • Hi!! thank you so much for the extra goodies that came with my custom T-shirts. That was a pleasant surprise and the package smelled so good! 😊

    Everything arrived today & thank you for the shout out on your video. I will definitely be shopping again!


  • Got my beautiful t-shirt. Thanks for the goodies.  

    I will order again. And tell others.


  • Dear Tan,

    Thank you so much for the extra goodies in my package 📦! All the extra effort and care you take in your packaging is truly appreciated.

    I look forward to the packaging as much as the contents, Lol 😆.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi I don't actually know you personally. However I love your style the way you and your family stay so positive. I live in a very small town and we have really no place to shop for great styles. I am a plus size woman an I love looking updated on fashion. So I just want to say thank you so much for adding the size up to a 4xl.

    Thank You,

  • Hello Unfrumpymommy,

    Yaaaaayyyyy!!! I just received my shirts today and I’m so elated. Thanks so much for your wonderful/excellent customer service. Very much gladly appreciated.


  • Hi Tan,
    I hope this email finds you well. I recently received my first order and I just placed another one. I'm so pleased with my t-shirts and I didn't expect anything less from the UnFrumpyMommy brand. M.EZENE

  • Good morning, Tan thank you for putting out excellent content on YouTube. I just placed my first order and it is not for me but for my moms Mother’s Day gift. Continue success to you and your family.


  • Hello from San Diego, my name is Freda W. I loved the t-shirts I’ve ordered so far, plan to order more in the future. Love your channel and I enjoy the pink package shout outs, when I heard my name I was smiling ear to ear, don’t know why but that’s a nice touch to your channel. Just wanted to say Thank you.
    Congrats on the 60k. FREDA W

  • This truly made my day.

    Top-notch service! I will be sure to post a picture and review.

    Continued Blessings to you!


  • Happy Monday!

    Thank you so much for the special treat in my order. Last week was a rough one with all of this pollen and having to take care of the family around the clock with allergies. So, when I finally got around to opening the package it was such a pleasant surprise and I shedded a little tear...😊

    Have a great week! 
    HOPE N

  • Thank you sooo much! I’m so excited to receive and wear my new T-shirt’s. My daughter will be visiting me soon and once I’ve confirmed her size, I will definitely be ordering more for the both of us.

    Have a wonderful day and may you your beautiful family continue to be blessed.

    DEB P
    Garner, NC

  • Hi Tan & Eric!

    I wanted to send a note and say THANK YOU for the Pink Package Shoulout! I was tickled PINK to see my name on the screen! I attached a pic of the shirt from my first order...I knew this would probably look like my first order because I recently moved. My first order was at my previous address. So this most recent order is actually my second - but won't be my last. ERIKA C.

  • This is Amy H from Owensboro, Ky. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you so much for what you do share of your life. In a world of craziness, its refreshing to see a beautiful couple and family that are a representation of doing it right and are clearly blessed.
    Big fan of home decor is what drew me to the channel seem to be great people and inspirational is why I stay no matter the subject.

    In response to my first order and Pink package shout out. We have never been to Disney my daughter (preteen) wanted a shirt also and that was her pick, (the LV Mickey shirt )and I chose the CC. Thank you for the fast shipping, care in wrapping the shirts and appreciate the socks and confetti. Little touches and details matter.

    Thanks again be safe and blessings AMY. H

  • Hi Tan. I received my t-shirts today and I love them as usual. Thank you for the extra Gift. Hope you and the family are well. Talk to you on the next order. 😊 D.JOHNSON

  • Good afternoon, my daughter Jackie (Dallas Tx) love her birthday gift.🥳 Thank you for sending her some goodies. She enjoy them and they are favorites. She is wearing the Tee Shirt on casual Friday at her job. Thank you for being my Angel 😇. You and your family continue to be blessed and safe enjoy your day. Continue to do great amazing work and blessing giving everyone Love, Joy Peace, Hope, and Happiness. 🥰🥰😍♥️♥️♥️. R. BALDWIN
    P.S I will be ordering more for me and my family.

  • Great afternoon Tan I came home to the pink package outside my door and I started dancing lol, have the very best day. F.WILLIAMS

  • I received my T-shirts just in time for my Birthday. Thanks so much, ☺️ God blessings! 🙏🏽❤️ G.MOORE

  • I love them! I will be back soon!!
    Very happy customer
    Marina from NC

  • Hi Tan. I received my package and as usual I love the T-shirts. Thank you for the extra Gifts. I Hope you and the family enjoyed your vacation. I’ll talk to you when I make my next order. 😊 DEBBIE

  • Good evening. I just got home and there was a pink bag waiting for me😁 I was so excited. I opened it immediately and I love, love, love my cute tees. Thank you for your prompt shipping. Can't wait to wear them. Have a great weekend❤

    A super fan of Tan (and of course Eric also😂)

  • As always, thank you for my order and the wonderful customer service.


  • Hi Tan I received my package. Love the t-shirts as always. And I just wanted to thank you for the extra gift. You and the family have a wonderful and safe Christmas. Talk to you soon. DEBBIE 😊

  • Greetings To You - Thank you very much! (I’m so excited with my order)
    (I've been occupied with teleworking – keeping USA safe – Mission First, People Always………)
    From My Family to Yours, Happy Holidays to You and Your Family –
    As Always, Blessings & Continue To Stay Safe!

  • I wanted to reach out to you and show you how I wore the sweatshirt. It was for my MBA pics and it was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you!.  ANDREA H

  • Hello,
    Wow on your quick response.  Thank you.  I would like the CC pop art t-shirt in a 2XL.
    I love your products and am looking at what I can purchase next.
    Once again," Thank You". J.BIGELOW

  • Good morning tan and Erik I’m watching your Youtube video and actually it’s my 5th or 6th order I’m not sure but I just wanted to note that. You both are wonderful and also I did make a error with my email because I was so excited with your discount. You both take care and I can’t wait to see you guys back. 🤗 F. MCCULLUM

  • Hi Tan and Erik
    How are you all doing? I appreciate the love on the video but the pleasure is truly mine. Your shop is flourishing because of the love and dedication that you put into it; quality products and catchy sayings. Something to warm the heart during these somewhat dark times, covid 19, race unrest and let’s not forget the soon coming election. This order felt so good to purchase because it represented the belief system of my hubby and I. You see next month, November 3 he and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. Because of the strict guidelines set by our governor we can not go anywhere. Also as a nurse I am on an even shorter leash. So putting on our new beautifully designed ‘ His Queen and Her King’ tees will help to make the day more special. Plus I got the black marriages matter bundle too. I am speaking richer blessings into you lives. As you have blessed so many of us. Be well, stay healthy.
    Sincerely yours, K.SAFFA

    P.S it’s getting quite chilly here in New York

  • Hello Tan I received both of my orders in great condition. I want t say first I don’t comment much nothing personal and that’s with all my social media’s. But I had to comment here it’s a pleasure watching you listening to you and now buying from you. Everything I’ve ordered has been totally amazing 😀 I love everything I’m just trying to order a little at a time until I had all your tees. With that being said you’re truly an inspiration to me and the black community and to black females. Thank you for all that you do and omg your newsletters are just awesome. Thank you deeply for all that you do I look forward to seeing you and your family on the weekends 😀. You have a blessed day and stay safe. F. MCCULLUM

  • You're the best. Thank you Tan, I am working on getting my Christmas orders in. You should see them soon. May your week be blessed with no stress.


  • Hi Tan thank you for the Red Turban my favorite color! I can’t wait to wear it. I have never worn a turban before you sent them to me I love them. You have started something LOL. Thanks again. You and the family have a blessed day. See you on my next order. D.JOHNSON

  • Hi Tan,
    I just received my package and wanted to let you know my daughter LOVES the shirts! The ordering process was a pleasure. Be BLESSED!
    XOXO Y. Jackson

  • Thanks, the T-shirts looks great.  H.MCCLAIN

  • Sent from my iPhone - Hi tan I received my tee shirts and I just wanted to thank you for the Gifts that you sent with them. You and the family have a blessed day. See you on my next order 😊 from D.JOHNSON Albany NY.

  • Thank you for the prompt response and excellent customer service. Glad to be able to support a black owned/small business. I am a “subbie” to your YouTube channel and blog. Wishing you continued success.
    Thanks T.DRUMMING

  • Wow that was super quick!! Thanks so much.

    I look forward to doing more business with theunfrumpymommystore!


  • Thank you so much for the shout-out from your Husband Eric. I love my tees. Can’t wait for my pink package. You two are the best.



  • Wow, thank you so much for the excellent customer service! The order was just processed and unbelievably, I’m getting my order and refund processed so quickly. This is just unreal in today’s economy. I’ve decided to strategically spend my dollars with black-owned companies.

    I follow you on Youtube and I am so grateful for your family’s platform. To see black people doing well is just so refreshing; plus, everybody in my family (except me) that are educated are FAMU Rattlers. Me, I had to be different, so I went to Howard!!!😊

    Thanks a million for everything; most importantly for your awesome t-shirts. I’ve been purchasing them for my church’s praise team. We’re all indoors and doing our service via social media, so I was just trying to hook them up. STAY SAFE!!!

    Warmest Regards, B.POWELL

  • Sent from my iPhone - Hi Tan I have been watching you for a couple of years now. I love you and your family. I’m sending you this email to thank you for all the lovely T-shirts I’m really enjoying all of them and to tell you I think your customer service is great. Letting us know that the package is out for delivery and another one to tell us it has been delivered great job. I have never commented on any videos no reflection on you I don’t comment on anyone’s videos but I always give you a thumbs up. I will be ordering again soon until then may God bless you and your family. D.JOHNSON Albany NY.

  • Just received my first order and I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful I love my shirts -I will be following you for new products and look forward to ordering more items thank you again👏❤️ - R.MALLPY

  • Thank you Tan. I received my t-shirt today. I find your customer service to be excellent. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    Much appreciated - D.JEFFERSON

  • Hi Tan,

    I got the shirts today and I absolutely love them!! Thank you so much for everything!

  • Good Morning Tan, I really didn't need any help with my order, but just want to say you and Erik, are awesome. Sorry if I’ve spelled your names wrong - anyway I love your channel. I enjoy the shout outs. This is my second time placing an order with you guys and it was for my daughter in Virginia, and this one is for my daughter-in law in Florida. Next month will be for my other daughter-in-law, then something for me finally lol. I just love to see people of color do positive things, it's so uplifting, inspirational and you educate! What a blessing - thanks so much. Keep going. When things get back to semi-normal I hope you and your family get to your happy place in Disney. Peace and happiness to you and your family. Jersey girl in NC – V. DRUMMOND.

  • This is my 4th t-shirt I bought so far and I have to say I am very pleased with everyone.

    Also pleased with the items I purchased from your Poshmark store.

    Be Safe,
    Renee M.
    From Philly

  • Good morning from the DMV! (Fort Washington, MD)

    Hope all is well!

    My fam and I are good. Just the new normal teleworking and staying put & safe.

    So I re – ordered the same shirt Turban Queen in a Larger size – due to this COVID19– like many of us – well I’ve gained some weight so my Medium Turban Queen was a lil snugged. : ( When I first received my order (loving the pink package) I was so excited – those dots were all in the truck when I opened my package – I was telling my husband this is from my You Tuber friend store. (as if we are really friends) Anyways, I meant to send you guys a pic but so much was going on with this crisis like running to the grocery store, making sure our family and friends were good. By the time I tried my shirt on again – which was yesterday – I was like – OMGosh (hot a$$ mess) are you serious!

    So I went ahead an order another Turban Queen because I love the material and how it was fitting nice & cute, paired with my jeans & heels – walking all thru the grocery store in a panic. 😊

    Okay – so why am I sending you this email – well, I do not have any social media (no Face Book, Face Time, DM) besides my email. From time to time, I do enjoy going on You Tube. I love watching all of what you and your husband put out there/excellent material/very good to know etc.

    Nevertheless, I am looking forward to my pink package-lil treats : ) continue to keep up the all the excellent work on You Tube and stay in touch – who knows we may be real friends later on.  Thank you guys for all you do!  T. BROWN

  • Hello Tan I just received my t shirts and I love them all. They’re very good quality a great fit much more than I expected. I so look forward to buying more of them in the future. Have a Good Night and you and your family stay safe F. MCCULLUM

  • Good evening I just got home from being out with hubby and found a pink package immediately I knew what it was😊. Can you say omg I was speechless. You are the bomb the wig I ordered is here along with some goodies the footies the mints and of course the headband or cover. I thank you so much this was more than I dreamed of. You are awesome. I don’t comment on your Youtube but I’ve been subscribed for some time now I so love watching you and Erick and of course you handsome young man. I’m waiting on my tshirts and if they’re anything like the wig and the other things I received count me in from here on out👍🏾 I’m so excited. I will definitely be in touch as soon as I receive my tshirt order. Have a good night and thank you🙏🏽 F. MCCULLUM

  • Love my shirt Tan! My girls like it too, so I’ll be ordering one for them as well♥️ E. BOWEN

  • Thanks for the beautiful T-shirts and special touches of love. It’s evident that you take your time and wrap every item with love;)  A. HUDNALL


  • I received my package today. Thank you so much for putting the extra love and care in packaging my order! My kids were as excited as I was when they saw the surprises you had inside. Now my husband wants a Faith over Fear t-shirt. His name is also Eric with a c. Receiving my package really brightened my day! Thank you for going the extra mile! I pray you and your family are well! May God continue to bless you!  J.MARTIN

  • Hello! Thank you so much in advance! I absolutely love your t-shirts! I have told all of my family and friends about your website! Yes, I would love the Gucci Banda t-shirt size XL and again Thank you so much! I watch all of your YouTube videos which I truly enjoy! May God bless you continuously and please stay safe!  S. RICE

  • I received my items 😁 Thank you so much. The tee shirts look Awesome 👌.I really appreciate the gifts I received as well. Have a blessed day, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. HAPPY CUSTOMER 😁💯..C.PEARSON

  • As soon as I saw the shirt you are wearing and the lux lips I stopped the video and ordered them. Just got the text they are on the way. I just ordered them yesterday. Yipee!!! I so proud of you and your moving by faith!!!! - T.WHIDBY

  • Hey Tan, I got the tee shirt that I ordered from your store. It is soo cute! I can't wait to wear it. A very satisfied customer, - C.SMILIEN

  • You all have awesome customer service. And, it is really appreciated..Thank you!!! - D.BUTLER

  • Thank You…you show such great customer service and the presentation put a smile on my face. Not only is the quality of the shirt outstanding but a friend happened to be visiting the day it was delivered and literally screamed with excitement…I want one! Needless to say, I’m placing another order. Blessings to you and your family! - K.URCIUOLI


  • Thank you for the gifts and the shirt is beautiful. I appreciate it.  I will be ordering again soon. - J.LEE

  • Thank you, once again, for another order of the Blessed/Thankful Hoodie! It was such a big hit, I just had to order two more--especially in the oversized size (for me). I like the funky oversized look. I bought an XL with three tees, previously; then a 2XL that I received yesterday. Now, I've just ordered two more XL hoodies this morning. I feel so special when I receive my orders from you. Thanks, for making the packaging so lovely. May GOD continue to Bless you and yours, handsomely in 2020 and beyond! - S. BRUNSON 

    • I just want to say thank you for the black tee. The quality is great and the style is just what I was hoping it would be. I definitely will be ordering more. I love it ❤️ - can't wait to style it with the proper jeans, shoes and bag. - C. FANN

    • Thank you for the quick shipment, I am very pleased with this purchase. The opening and unveiling was super fantastic and brought about a sincere smile. Beautiful business cards, colorful confetti, a much needed emery board, soft socks and strawberry taffy! Awesome! - MS. SMAE

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, unfrumpy mommy! I just love my three tee shirts, and my "Blessed/Thankful" sweat shirt. You never cease to amaze me--the soft cozy socks are such a special treat. I feel as if you could read my mind. The gift of the socks will be put to good use in the upcoming frigid northeast weather. I'll be wearing them to bed at night. The "God is my strength" white tee shirt is made of such a yummy fabric, I'll never want to take it off. Can you tell I'm a satisfied and happy customer??? Well, I am--most assuredly! Thanks again, and I'll be back for more--soon!! Respectfully yours, - S. BRUNSON

    • Keep doing what you do...you and your family are POSITIVE inspiration!! This t-shirt is exactly what I need to remind me to keep my mouth shut and move in silence thank you again! - M. EDWARDS

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can't thank you enough for the kindness you've shown!!! I am in love with the Sassy Mommy Unit and all of the other goodies you so graciously sent me!!! You really touched my heart!!! I will be wearing my t-shirts to upcoming book club meetings, hopefully I'll be able to send you some new customers. P.S. The macaroni and cheese shirt is priceless because I am the macaroni, dressing, and broccoli casserole  maker for my family and friends!!! Thanks again  - B.HERBERT

    • Good Morning Tan! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for sending me the youth size Large, it fits perfectly!!! - V.HOUGH

      • Thank you so much Tan, for your exceptional values regarding everything you do. I am beyond delighted about my Buffalo Plaid Gift Box and my Kinky Koily Unit. I received my purchases in a timely manner, and I love everything. - S. BRUNSON

      • I must say, the packaging is exquisite and all the little extras are all so YOU!! I absolutely LOVE every detail. I could feel the love you put into preparing the package. The surprise gift socks were just the icing on the cake. - P.ADAMS


      • Thank you in advance for selecting me for the December prize. How exciting and so appreciated. It really made my day to see your email in my inbox. Wishing you and your family continue blessing and great joy in this holiday season. - K.SAFFA