Disney's All Star Resort 1996 - This is the place and year my husband Erik and I first fell in love with Disney.  After dating in college for about a year, Erik and I decided to take the next "big step" in our relationship and make the 4 hour drive from Tallahassee (FAMU) to Orlando for our first vacation together.  Honestly, I'm not sure what we were expecting.  Erik had been to Disney a couple of times with his family when he was in elementary school.  At that time, Magic Kingdom and Epcot were the only theme parks at Disney, and Universal Studios hadn't even broken ground yet.  I'd been to Disney, once before with a group of college friends.  So while we both had previous experiences with Disney there was something truly magical about our first vacation together in 1996, that stuck with us over the years.  In the years since, we've gone on more vacations than I can count, all over the U.S. and overseas.  But there's always something special that pulls us back to Orlando.  It used to be our love for Disney, but soon we grew to love Universal, Legoland, Clearwater Beach, The Kennedy Space Center and all the attractions Central Florida has to offer.  We are so appreciative of all of you who have shared our Disney and Orlando adventures on the UnFrumpyMommy YouTube Channel, Disney on a Dime YouTube ChannelInstagram and most recently TikTok!  Many of you share our love for Disney/Orlando so much, that you've even started joining us LIVE from Disney.  We've had so much fun spending these special vacation moments with you all and look forward to sharing more with you as Erik and I become "traveling empty nesters".
XOXO - Tan

Check out the coordinated outfits - yes we were that family at Disney 😂😂😂




Thanks to all of you who followed the UnFrumpyMommy... 

A huge shout out to all of you that hung out with us at Disney for the 4th of July weekend!  We had a great time experiencing Disney with you for the first time LIVE!! 😂😂😂


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 Disney (and Orlando in general) is not just for kids anymore.  Many parts of the city almost have more of a "Vegas" vibe these days.  Don't be afraid to be "grown and sexy" in Orlando!


 Orlando is not just for kids anymore; but of course, it is one of the best places to vacation with small children.  People often ask us, "How young is too young to take your children to Orlando?",  Children as young as 2 can really enjoy Disney World (Universal Studios might be a stretch for a 2 year old).  Our first trip with Chase was when he was 15 months old - and we had a great time!  Just keep in mind, when traveling with babies and toddlers, you won't be able to be as active.  Be prepared for a lot of laid back days by the pool.  Also be prepared to tote diaper bags, strollers, etc. on and off buses, monorails and gondolas!  You'll want to be in good shape and ready to deal with the Florida heat.  Speaking of hot temperatures...


 Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Orlando is hot and humid from March to October!  So don't forget to drink plenty of liquids while you're doing outdoor activities.  My family and I always try to freeze at least three bottles of water (or Gatorade when it's really hot), and carry them in our bags - especially when we're going to spend all day in a theme park. We try to drink at least one bottle of water or Gatorade for every hour we're in the park.  As a bonus, you'll save some money if you're able to bring a few of your own bottled beverages!  Check out the video below for more tips on what to bring with you inside the Disney and Universal theme parks!


  Don't forget, Orlando can get chilly too!  Yes Orlando is generally warm from March to October, but we've also spent many a chilly November, December, January and February in Orlando.  These four months are some of the best months to experience Disney and Universal, but don't expect that Florida warmth during the later Fall and Winter months.  In fact, Orlando can get downright chilly this time of the year - especially at night!  So make sure you pack some warm hoodies to bundle up in!  Here are some stylish hoodies from the UnFrumpyMommyStore that will help you stand out from the typical theme park crowd during your Fall / Winter Orlando vacation...

 One of the most popular questions we get is "How many days should I spend on my Orlando vacation?".  The answer is easy - as many as possible!!  Unfortunately, we know that life doesn't work like that, so check out the video below where we break down how many days you should spend on your Disney / Universal vacation:

 Don't follow the crowds!  If it's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that Orlando attractions can get crowded and chaotic!!  To help keep you sane during vacation we definitely recommend finding activities that are off the beaten path in central Florida.  Attractions like the Kennedy Space Center, miniature golf or just lounging at the hotel pool for a day will help keep you away from large crowds, while still having a great time during your trip!

 Don't wear yourself out!  Staying the optimal number of days, avoiding crowds, looking for activities that are "off the beaten path" - these are all things that will prevent you from wearing yourself out during vacation.  We often see that families will try to do too many activities in a single day during their Orlando vacations.  We understand that you may want to get in as many activities as possible - but this can be a double edged sword. Traveling with young children, high temperatures, dealing with different personalities within your family - these are all things that can bring stress to a vacation!  Remember to take time to relax! Before you engage in activities like park hopping (visiting more than one theme park in a single day), ask yourself - "Do I have the energy to do this, and still have fun?".


So you've just returned from the best vacation ever and it's back to work and being a "full time mom" 😢😢😢.  These looks from the new UnFrumpyWork collection will have you feeling better about returning to your "normal" routine.



People always ask us, "Where should I stay when visiting Orlando?".  We've stayed at over 20 different resorts in the Orlando area.  Here are a few of our faves....

 Best Value + Themed Resorts - These hotels are typically less than $300 per night

Disney's Art of AnimationOne of the best themed Disney resorts, especially for those of us that have young children.  Plus, it's on the Disney Skyliner line!

Universal Studios Cabana BayOne of the best themed Universal resorts with easy access to the Universal Garden path and boat rides that will get you to the Universal Theme parks and City Walk in a few minutes!

 Best Value + Non-themed Resorts - Typically under $300 per night AND have the added bonus of offering "suite" style rooms.  These hotels are a must for large families that want to vacation in Orlando without feeling cramped in a "standard" hotel room.

The Grove Resort OrlandoNot only is the Grove all suites, it has one of the best waterparks we've experienced at an Orlando resort.  As an added bonus, each room has it's own washer and dryer!

Las Palmeras by Hilton Grand VacationsWe love Hilton Las Palmeras because it's "off the beaten path" and away from some of the chaos that comes with vacationing in Orlando.  It's away from the crowds, yet minutes from International Drive, Top Golf, Andretti Speedway and Universal Studios!  If you're in Orlando for a convention, an added bonus is that Las Palmeras is across the street from the Orlando Convention Center.

  Best Luxe + Themed Resorts - Typically More than $300 per night

Disney's Riviera Resort - Disney's newest resort does not disappoint!  It features a classical "European" theme that reminds us of our vacations to France and the UK.  Plus, it's on the Disney Skyliner line!

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort - For those who want to do Disney in style and elegance, you can't beat the service and ambiance at the Four Seasons.

 Best Luxe + Non-themed Resorts - Typically More than $300 per night

Waldorf Astoria Orlando - Great service and an awesome golf course help the Waldorf stand out from the crowd.  Plus it's in the Bonnet Creek Resort area on Disney property so it's literally blocks away from the most popular Disney attractions.

JW Marriott Orlando - Like the Waldorf, the new JW Marriott is in the Bonnet Creek Resort area so it's convenient, new and luxurious!

 Best Home Rentals - Have a large family or need a little bit more space to stretch out?  Home rentals are a great choice - especially for longer vacations!

 Margaritaville Cottages Orlando - For the past few years Margaritaville has been our go to spot for luxurious and spacious vacation accommodations. These gorgeous cottages are well appointed with a full kitchen, washer and dryer.  The tropical theming of the cottages and resorts will definitely give you the feel of being on a Caribbean island without having to leave the county! 



Remember, Disney (and Orlando in general) is not just for kids anymore.  Headed down to central Florida for vacation? Check out the latest looks from TheUnFrumpyMommyStore that will have you vacation ready without having to wear theme park paraphernalia.



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