February from the Latin word "februum" means PURIFICATION - and for me that's exactly what this month represents.  Let's face it, January isn't the most exciting month of the year.  Outside of New Years Day and the MLK Holiday, there's not a lot of fun to be had in January.  To make matters worse, this is when Winter weather gets REAL! 

February is when I really start to look forward to the New Year.  Spring is on the horizon and this is the month of PURE LOVE - love for culture (BLACK HISTORY MONTH) and of course who can forget Valentine's Day?  So whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Black History Month or just trying to keep warm, the UnFrumpyMommyStore has got you covered - XOXO Tan

Showing LOVE to our customer of the month! A big shout out to the gorgeous Hope Newsome, our January customer of the month.  Hope was gracious enough to feature an UnFrumpyBLACK shirt in an Instagram story, and she rocked it flawlessly with a turban and denim shirt to enhance the look.  WERK!!

A special shout-out to all of you who have featured UnFrumpyMommy looks on your Instagram and Facebook pages!

Customer LOVE -  We truly appreciate the great feedback we get from our customers.  Here are just a few heartwarming messages that were shared with us recently:

  • Thank you, once again, for another order of the Blessed/Thankful Hoodie! It was such a big hit, I just had to order two more--especially in the oversized size (for me). I like the funky oversized look. I bought an XL with three tees, previously; then a 2XL that I received yesterday. Now, I've just ordered two more XL hoodies this morning. I feel so special when I receive my orders from you. Thanks, for making the packaging so lovely. May GOD continue to Bless you and yours, handsomely in 2020 and beyond! - S. BRUNSON


  • I just want to say thank you for the black tee. The quality is great and the style is just what I was hoping it would be. I definitely will be ordering more. I love it ❤️ - can't wait to style it with the proper jeans, shoes and bag. - C. FANN


  • Thank you for the quick shipment, I am very pleased with this purchase. The opening and unveiling was super fantastic and brought about a sincere smile. Beautiful business cards, colorful confetti, a much needed emery board, soft socks and strawberry taffy! Awesome! - MS. SMAE

Read more about the pride we take in having excellent customer service here.

Because you guys have been showing us so much LOVE it's only right we return the favor!  In February we're having another great giveaway.  How do you enter the contest?  It's simple - just make a purchase in the month of February and you're automatically eligible.  The winner will be announced on February 23rd.

 Congrats again to our December giveaway winner - Kayann Saffa.


February - The month of LOVE and romance.  Speaking of romance, what could be more romantic than a trip to Paris?  And while we're in Paris, why not stroll down the Champs-Élysées and enjoy some LUXE shopping?  We've added some new designs that were inspired by the UnFrumpyMommy's recent travels to the City of Light.





Celebrate your LOVE for culture with these BLACK HISTORY MONTH looks from the UnfrumpyBLACK Collection...and since Black History is 365 days a year, show your pride and shop this collection anytime!!

  UnFrumpyBLACK - Afrocentric shirts that express pride in the African / African Diaspora experience and love of Black hair.



LOVE yourself! Isn't self love just as important as loving others? Why not treat yourself to a Valentine's gift this month, because hey - you deserve it!!


UnFrumpyGifts- T-Shirts plus a little something extra.   Stylish UnFrumpyMommy shirts paired with a free matching gift, because who doesn't like free?


Winter Gets REAL!  No LOVE this time of year for those of us that don't like cold weather.  No worries - we've got you covered.  Get through this winter comfortably with the latest looks from the UnfrumpySweats collection!

  UnFrumpySweats - Comfy cozy looks for those with a unique sense a style


Who doesn't LOVE a good sale? UnFrumpyMommy looks for those of us who love a great sale ... and don't we all?


UnFrumpySale - If your husband asks how much it cost, just tell him you got it on sale so you actually saved money.


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