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Happy New Year to all!  The UnFrumpyMommyStore truly appreciates your support from 2019!  You all played a major role in making our first quarter of business a huge success - even beyond our wildest imagination!  Every single order was noticed and greatly appreciated.  At this time, we'd like to send a special shout out to our customers who spent over $40 in 2019:

 Judy Snell was our #1 customer in 2019!!  Thanks so much Judy!

Judy Snell , Lashawn Willis, Roxana Peterson, Veronica Sinclair-Anderson, Katrina Hill, Cynthia Hannah, Jody Walden, Nicole Henderson, Robin Mills, Juanita Syon, Janice Potts, Lori Scott, Connie Wilder, Rose Pascal, Kimberly Abram, Sharon Brunson,  Kayann Saffa , Marilynn Jackson, Crystal White, Kimberly Duncan, Simone Underwood, Brenda Spencer, Machelle Hill, Celialee Kendrick, Anecia Sewer, Maria Cedeno, Deva Taylor, Tracey Jones, Patricia Troy, Damita Caldwell, Francine Peake, Demica Smith, Donna Bakare, Ansonia Price, Beverly Miles, Sheila Hisle, Megan Ward, Sharonda Hardy, Susan Geller, Kathrina James, Latoya Jackson, Candace Vines, Robin Bishop, Yolanda Gary, Aretha Hudnall, Marion Upton, Andrea Dacres, Kenya Roy, Yvonne Morris, Mariam Williams

Kayann Saffa was our December 2019 Giveaway Winner.  Congrats Kayann!

 We'd also like to thank all of our customers that gave us great reviews in 2019!


Introducing new fashion lines for 2020 (no worries- we're still offering all your favorite designs from last year)!


UnFrumpyBLACK - Afrocentric shirts that express pride in the African / African Diaspora experience and love of Black hair.
UnFrumpyCurves - What could be more "UnFrumpy" than embracing your curves?  These shirts are designed for girls with curvy figures in mind and are available in sizes XL, 2XL and 3XL.
UnFrumpyBlessings - What is understood does not have to be explained.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
UnFrumpyHoliday - Express your unique sense of style during holidays and special occasions with one-of-a-kind UnFrumpyMommy looks. 


Oh Canada!  If you've watched any of the UnFrumpyMommy's travel vlogs , you know that she's a huge fan of Canada and all things Canadian (except for Tim Hortons ).  We are pleased to announce that we are now offering shipping to Canada!  Use the new currency selection options on our website to view prices in $USD or $CAD.  Happy Shopping!!!


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