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Are you really going to do it this year?  Is this the year you stop obsessing about resolutions and finally focus on self? I hope so!  There's nothing wrong with New Year's Resolutions, but I find that they can sometimes be overwhelming and cause more stress than benefit.  That's why at the start of each new year, I resolve to keep it simple and dedicate myself to practicing true self-care.  Why? Because this goal encompasses everything holistically in one simple resolution.  I've realized that if I take good care of me, everyone in my circle will be blessed.  In these hectic times, practicing meaningful self-care might be the one resolution that keeps you sane in the new year! Taking care of oneself, can mean many things.  It can mean eating better, exercising more, getting more rest, praying more, traveling more, reading more, or being more fiscally responsible.  And that's exactly why I like the simple new year's resolution of "practicing self-care" - because it really is about living your best life!  In that spirit, this month's newsletter includes sanity saving beauty and travel self-care tips.  These faves will have you radiating with sun kissed melanated skin on a beautiful Caribbean beach, watching your stresses float away on a tropical breeze.
XOXO - Tan

NEW FOR 2022!! UnFrumpySKIN!!

Glowing, beautiful skin is often a reflection of how well we're taking care of ourselves.  As busy women, it can be so difficult to find the time to pamper and renew your skin.  If you've checked out TheUnFrumpyMommy's skin care playlist on YouTube you know that she's always preached having a healthy skin care regimen.  If fact, so many of you have personally reached out to Tan and asked how she maintains youthful, healthy skin as a mature woman!  After years of creating skin care videos, Tan decided to create a skin care line based on her experiences formulating home crafted, natural skin care products.  Using nature’s finest ingredients, she has created a skin care collection that aids in fighting the signs of aging, acne and promote collagen production, for youthful looking skin and a clear complexion.

Agent Provocateur Body Butter

This provocative body butter is seductively moisturizing complete with a blend of Brazilian passion fruit, vanilla orchid, and Italian pine. Slather this on your moist skin and transform into the sexiest, confident version of yourself.


Savage Body Butter

If you love the seductive scent of Dior Sauvage, then you'll love the citris and ambroxan notes of Savage Body Butter.  This luxurious unisex scent is perfect for that special man or woman in your life.

Bourgeoisie Body Butter

If you love the scent of Santal 33, this is the body butter for you. This luxurious body butter, complete with shea butter and a host of natural oils is a seductive fragrance that channels your inner vixen. This enticing scent is a provocative meld of cardamom, iris and violet.  


Cucumber Matcha Tea Body Butter

When it comes to skin, Father Time likes to make his presence felt too soon! With this AMAZINGLY luscious body butter, infused with matcha tea, the skin will radiate with a youthful glow.  The caffeine in matcha green tea energizes the skin and promotes skin firmness over time.

BaeCation Body Butter

When you want to be on a tropical island or beach vacation with your significant other - but can’t, BaeCation is the next best thing! This luscious body butter is filled with notes of fresh ripe bananas, grapefruits, kiwis and strawberry.

Turmeric Lime Face Mask & Scrub

Smooth, glowing skin is something that we all deserve. Turmeric affords us this, with its natural, beneficial properties that aid in acne scarring, boosts healing of the skin and helps with psoriasis. The UnFrumpySkin Turmeric Face Mask & Scrub, is infused with turmeric, mango butter and vitamin E, to create the ultimate must have for your face.

Mint Shower Steamers

When you want the ultimate spa experience but only have ten minutes- UnFrumpySkin Shower Steamers are your answer. Infused with amazing sinus clearing menthol crystals and bright fragrances, you’ll never want to leave your bathroom!

Three shower steamers and one organza bag are included per order.

Pear Mint Shower Steamers

When you want the ultimate spa experience but only have ten minutes- UnFrumpySkin Shower Steamers are your answer. Infused with amazing sinus clearing menthol crystals and bright fragrances, you’ll never want to leave your bathroom!

Three shower steamers and one organza bag are included per order.

 Check out our favorite skin care videos - We've captured years of Tan's DIY skincare expertise with the new UnFrumpySKIN collection!  Here are a few of the videos that served as an inspiration for this new collection.


Our Favorite 2021 YouTube Comments

Every year, you all show us so much love on YouTube!  Here are a few of our favorite and most recent YouTube comments from 2021.


  A HUGE SHOUT OUT to all of you that had a Melanated Christmas!  The Melanin Christmas T-Shirt was a huge hit this holiday season.  Thanks to all of you who shopped with the UnFrumpyCelebrations collection for your holiday 2021 looks!



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Why not kill two birds with one stone by (1) making sure you take time to practice self-care in 2022 and (2) buying Black in the new year!


Beautiful Skin + Beautiful Brows

If you're in the Atlanta area book my girl Pea at The Brow Barbie to enhance your look for the new year.   She did such a great job on my brows, I featured her in my YouTube video - HUGE FAIL ❌ OR SUCCESS ✅ TATTOO EYEBROWS RESULTS

Beautiful Skin + Beautiful Brows + Beautiful Body

As there anyone who doesn't resolve to get in better shape for the new year?  This is especially true if you're like me, and overindulged (as most of us do) on holiday meals.  Plus, a good workout helps keep skin clear!  If you're in the Atlanta area, checkout my personal trainer Bradley B. He'll definitely get you right for the new year!  Need more proof? Check out my YouTube video - CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED | MEET MY PERSONAL TRAINER | HOME DECOR CHAT

Beautiful Skin + Beautiful Brows + Beautiful Body + Black Pride

Celebrate this upcoming Black History Month with looks from the UnFrumpyBLACK collection.



These UnFrumpyMommyStore looks will help you remember to stay focused on taking care of YOU in the new year.



There is no better way to indulge in a little bit of self-care than travel and becoming "one" with nature. Our new favorite spot for overseas self-care, natural adventures and relaxation is XCaret Hotel and the XCaret Parks and Experiences in Quintana Roo (Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum), Mexico.  Here are our top tips for a fun filled XCaret vacation:

 Practice self-care, by relaxing on the beautiful Playa del Carmen beaches or booking a day of wellness at the XCaret Hotel Muluk Spa

 Speaking of the beach - between the many beaches, lazy rivers, pools, swim out hotel rooms and zip line courses (most of which end in the water), you'll be spending A LOT of time in the water. So pack PLENTY of swimsuits, swim shoes and Crocs!  You'll also need water proof phone cases.  Don't worry, the XCaret parks feature free lockers for storing your valuables while you're in the water. Bring a couple of towels with you from your hotel to store in a locker while you're in an XCaret park.  You might also consider packing a change of clothes to store in your locker as well.
 Don't be afraid to ask questions.  While the XCaret hotels and theme parks are well thought out and very easy to explore, there are not a lot of maps, mobile apps or signage to guide you.  They actually do this on purpose - the rationale is that they don't want you distracted by looking at your phone on or at a printed map, when you should be enjoying all that nature has to offer.  This is your opportunity to live in the moment and be one with the environment, without being distracted!  That being said, stop and ask the staff questions anytime you need to.  You'll want to make sure you're getting on the right buses, headed down the right trails, understand how to be safe, know what attractions are best suited for you, etc.  Don't worry - the staff is bi-lingual, super friendly and always willing to help!

 Sign up for the XCaret transportation from the Cancun Airport.  The Cancun Airport ground transportation pick-up area is SUPER CHAOTIC, with literally dozens of transportation companies on-site, aggressively trying to sell you their services!  If you've signed up for XCaret transportation, you'll easily be able to wade through the airport chaos - just look for the XCaret staff working in the area.  They'll guide you right to your XCaret shuttle bus.  The drive from Cancun Airport to XCaret in Playa del Carmen takes about 1 hour.

 Practice safety first.  While the XCaret hotels, parks, attractions and tours are very safe, remember this isn't a traditional "theme park" experience.  XCaret hotels, tours and parks are very much built around "natural adventures".  The level of danger is similar to what you'd encounter in a U.S. national park like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite.  It's generally very safe, IF you practice common sense and keep a close watch on young children and daredevil teens!

 Don't forget to pack your BaeCation Body Butter from TheUnFrumpyMommyStore!  Set the mood and get that full tropical sensory experience while you're on vacation. 

 Tip, tip, tip - the entire XCaret staff (bus drivers, doormen, housekeeping, waiters, etc.) work really hard, are super helpful and definitely appreciate tips.  Feel free to tip in US currency.  

 Speaking of tips - need more tips? Check out our XCaret videos below, and see what it's like to stay at XCaret hotel (on-property) and in Cancun (off-property):

Our guide to experiencing XCaret attractions while staying "off property" in Cancun:

Our guides to experiencing XCaret attractions while staying "on property" at the XCaret Hotel in Playa del Carmen:


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