Typically I try to keep all of my social media content fairly light-hearted.  I know that we live in a 24 hour news cycle and there are more than enough blogs, vlogs, chat rooms and social media sites where important news is discussed.  I've always looked at my social media as a way to give my subscribers an escape from some of the bad news that we see on a daily basis.  That being said, given everything that has happened over the past few months, I can't help but speak out about the social injustices that have recently bubbled to the surface.  We all know that these are not new events.  As Will Smith said "Racism is not getting Worse, it's getting filmed".   For this reason, I am so thankful for social media, cell phone cameras and other technology that are putting racists on blast.  I can remember when this trend started 30 years ago in the era of Rodney King.  I am saddened that these atrocities are still occurring today, but I am grateful to see people speaking out and sharing these horrific events on social media.  On my YouTube channel and Instagram, I've never shied away from these emotional topics when I deem it necessary.  Again, it's never been the focus of my social media influence, but sometimes my husband and I can't help but speak out - as we ALL should.  We ALL have a voice, and I would encourage you to use your voice this November in the form of your vote.  In the meantime, just know that we at the UnFrumpyMommyStore will always speak Power to the People and loudly proclaim that Black Lives Matter!  
XOXO - Tan

Tackling Tough Issues on the UnFrumpyMommy YouTube Channel

The UnFrumpyMommy YouTube channel has always been a forum devoted to decor, fashion, travel, self-care and all things having to do with being an "UnFrumpy" mom...but sometimes we do have to discuss the tough issues...

Thank You For Supporting Black Business

We had the pleasure of filling a custom graduation shirt order for Ms. C. Harris.  We feel truly blessed to receive orders like these - education is such a key component of Black excellence.


We congratulate the Harris family and thank her for the positive feedback she sent us on her order!

Wow that was super quick!!  Thanks so much. 
I look forward to doing more business with theunfrumpymommystore!

We love doing custom orders for positive events like these.  Feel free to reach out to TheUnFrumpyMommyStore about your custom order needs.


Here's more positive feedback we received from frequent UnFrumpyMommyStore customer B. Powell:

Wow, thank you so much for the excellent customer service! The order was just processed and unbelievably, I’m getting my order and refund processed so quickly. This is just unreal in today’s economy. I’ve decided to strategically spend my dollars with black-owned companies.

I follow you on Youtube and I am so grateful for your family’s platform. To see black people doing well is just so refreshing; plus, everybody in my family (except me) that are educated are FAMU Rattlers. Me, I had to be different, so I went to Howard!!!(😊

Thanks a million for everything; most importantly for your awesome t-shirts. I’ve been purchasing them for my church’s praise team. We’re all indoors and doing our service via social media, so I was just trying to hook them up. STAY SAFE!!!

Warmest Regards,
B. Powell

We love that Ms. Powell gives recognition to HBCU's in her email.  As we've highlighted on the UnFrumpyMommy YouTube channel, support of HBCU's is more important now than ever.

Our Favorite June YouTube Comments:


Celebrating the Beauty and Strength of the Black Woman

There is nothing like the resilience and natural beauty of the Black Woman! 

The gorgeous Emajja (HBCU grad and Alumna of Hampton University) blessed us with a shoutout while rocking the Mommy Is Bilingual (Italian) t-shirt.

Mitzi Carrasquillo is strength personified as she works tirelessly in the community to help others through her Love, Healed and Restored organization.  She is truly a blessing to others and her radiance shines through in the Turban Queen T-Shirt.

We love when our beautiful brown skinned girls like Angelia show out in an UnFrumpyMommy look (The Latte and LV T-Shirt)!

Social Justice Tees


Social Justice Organizations You Can Lend Support To

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