What truly makes us happy?  Is it our spiritualityIs it our relationship with family and friendsIs it having a rewarding careerIs it travelIs it a day of shopping? Is it service to others? Perhaps even more importantly, how do we define happiness?  How do we maintain happiness?  For me, good mental health has always been about understanding what makes me happy and, even more importantly, what doesn't make me happy.  I believe to function to your highest potential in this chaotic world, you have to be laser focused on understanding, experiencing and acquiring the things that truly make you happy.  While this sounds simple, it can be very difficult as working, busy adults to take the time to stop and think about these important questions.  Am I living my best life?  Do I surround myself with the right people? Am I in touch with my spirituality?  Do I engage in activities that bring me joy?  Am I in relationships that bring me peace and fulfillment?  Again, as busy people, we can often go through the motions in life, without really stopping and thinking about the deeper issues that will have an impact on our mental health.  I sincerely hope that as our society (hopefully) starts to recover from COVID and open back up, you're able to venture out and (safely) enjoy this beautiful Summer.   This is an excellent time to focus on those important mental health questions and making any changes that are needed to keep your mental health on track.  If you're not able to get your mental health on track, please seek help, and know that GOD is in control!
XOXO - Tan




The UnFrumpyMommy is Now Live on YouTube!

We all know that part of maintaining good mental health is having a good time in fellowship with friends and family.  Since the UnFrumpyMommy YouTube channel has started to go live on YouTube weekly, we've had a wonderful time hanging out with all of you in real-time!  If you haven't checked out one of the UnFrumpyMommy's live videos, be sure you're subscribed to her YouTube channel and signed up to receive notifications.   So far, we've done live broadcasts from Disney, Tan's kitchen, Stone Mountain and Buckhead Village in Atlanta - and you never know where we'll pop up next!  We've got some exciting locations planned.  Here are just a few folks that have participated in the previous lives.  We've had soooooo much fun hanging out with you all in these lives, and the live comments have been truly hilarious 😂😂😂.  

 Life Coaching 365
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TT Party of 6
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Officially Veéology
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msshak 76C
Queen of Hope
Jennifer Jones


Velile Lifestyle & Decor TV
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Linzy's Lounge
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Sharon Washington
Miss Congeniality
Morica Crisler

Check out this awesome comment from Sharon Y 💕💕💕

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Hi I don't actually know you personally. However I love your style the way you and your family stay so positive. I live in a very small town and we have really no place to shop for great styles. I am a plus size woman an I love looking updated on fashion. So I just want to say thank you so much for adding the size up to a 4xl.

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"Service To Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth." -Muhammad Ali

There are so many of you that work daily in service to others.  Whether you're a mom, nurse, doctor, teacher, principal, etc.  There are definitely professions where sacrifice is part of your daily routine.  Being that Tan herself is a former educator, we at the UnFrumpyMommyStore can definitely appreciate the sacrifices many of you make on a daily basis.   




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