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There are so many great quotes about having faith that it's difficult for me to pick a single one.  One of my favorites is attributed to MLK - "Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase.”.  My own personal mantra / motto is "Blessed, Thankful, Repeat".  If you've seen any of my husband Erik's UnFrumpyMommyStore pink package customer shout-outs on YouTube, then you know his motto is "Be blessed and not stressed".   Whatever motto / mantra you follow, I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year that has required all of us to have faith in order to remain sane!  As we enter the holiday season, now is the time to start reflecting on the events of the past year.  Although you may have faced numerous trails and tribulations this year (as we all have!), you're still standing!  Know that the trails and tribulations you are going through today could become the blessings of your future.  Keep the faith and know that you are stronger than you realize.  Let's finish this year strong, faithful and surrounded by the ones that care for us most.  
XOXO - Tan


Here at the UnFrumpyMommyStore, we've always known that we are blessed to have the best customers!  But you guys REALLY SHOWED OUT in the month of October.  We received so much positive feedback it was truly overwhelming!


 A special shoutout to ALL of our YouTube commenters! So many of you comment within a FEW MINUTES of a new video being posted!

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   The epitome of beauty and brains - Antonina Geer in the Melanin T-Shirt
 Nufashion_style showed us love, and purchased a Luxe Lips T-Shirt!
 Krystal is radiant in the God Says T-Shirt...
 The always classy IamDeborahDavisDewitt looks gorgeous in the Mommy is Bi-lingual T-Shirt (French)...
 Erika is definitely giving us chic in the classic CC Black T-Shirt...
We're sending much love to Black Butterfly 1913.  She and her sister made the UnFrumpyMommyStore a family affair.  What a beautiful family!!

Email Feedback

 Big congrats to Andrea H for completing her MBA program!!! 
I wanted to reach out to you and show you how I wore the sweatshirt. It was for my MBA pics and it was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you! ANDREA H
We are so blessed to have been part of Andrea's graduation celebration!  The creativity she showed in rocking the Black Hoodie with the all black background blew us away!

You're the best. Thank you Tan, I am working on getting my Christmas orders in. You should see them soon. May your week be blessed with no stress. ROBIN M

Hello Tan I received both of my orders in great condition. I want t say first I don’t comment much nothing personal and that’s with all my social media’s. But I had to comment here it’s a pleasure watching you listening to you and now buying from you. Everything I’ve ordered has been totally amazing 😀 I love everything I’m just trying to order a little at a time until I had all your tees. With that being said you’re truly an inspiration to me and the black community and to black females. Thank you for all that you do and omg your newsletters are just awesome. Thank you deeply for all that you do I look forward to seeing you and your family on the weekends 😀. You have a blessed day and stay safe. FLORENCE M


Good morning tan and Erik I’m watching your utube video and actually it’s my 5th or 6th order I’m not sure but I just wanted to note that. You both are wonderful and also I did make a error with my email because I was so excited with your discount. You both take care and I can’t wait to see you guys back. 🤗 FLORENCE M


Hello, Wow on your quick response. Thank you. I would like the CC pop art t-shirt in a 2XL. I love your products and am looking at what I can purchase next. Once again," Thank You". JACQUELINE B

Hi Tan and Erik, 

How are you all doing? I appreciate the love on the video but the pleasure is truly mine. Your shop is flourishing because of the love and dedication that you put into it; quality products and catchy sayings. Something to warm the heart during these somewhat dark times, covid 19, race unrest and let’s not forget the soon coming election. This order felt so good to purchase because it represented the belief system of my hubby and I. You see next month, November 3 he and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. Because of the strict guidelines set by our governor we can not go anywhere. Also as a nurse I am on an even shorter leash. So putting on our new beautifully designed ‘ His Queen and Her King’ tees will help to make the day more special. Plus I got the black marriages matter bundle too. I am speaking richer blessings into you lives. As you have blessed so many of us. Be well, stay healthy.
Sincerely yours,

P.S it’s getting quite chilly here in New York


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All new limited edition Ladies of the Stage tee's just in time for the holiday season.  New retro t-shirts that celebrate a few of the originators of "Black Girl Magic".  



Dealing with grief is one of the toughest challenges we all face in life.  As we approach the holidays, our grief can become even more exposed.  If you're struggling, please reach out to resources that can help!  Krystal is a grief educator and speaker that may be able to help.  Her God's Good Grief organization seeks to educate, inspire and support individuals on their journey through the grieving process.

Mental health and faith are so important for Black Women in these turbulent times.  Mitzi Carrasquillo and her Loved Healed and Restored organization are dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse through faith.


Black women have unmatched creativity when it comes to hairstyles. Krystal and Andrea both blessed us with their short hair looks this month...

Seeing their natural / short hair looks brought back fond memories of my own "big chop" experience...


Spending time with family and friends this time of year is a blessing. Whether you're getting together in person (while responsibly social distancing!), or virtually, the UnFrumpyMommyStore has you covered with new holiday meal inspired looks that are "waistline" friendly! 


I feel blessed to have so many inspiring women that follow me on YouTube, Instagram, Amazon and Poshmark.  Be on the lookout for some fabulous Poshmark collaborations and sales from me in November. One of the most common questions I get is how to find my Poshmark store. It's easy! Just download the Poshmark app or go to the Poshmark website and Search People - Unfrumpymommy.


The latest looks from the UnFrumpyBlessings collection ...

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