I've been thinking about the concept of being "thankful" quite a bit lately.  Of course, that's only natural given the time of year we're in.  I think it's wonderful to have holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas that help us stop and think about all the things we should be thankful for.  That being said - lately, I've been focusing on taking a more thoughtful approach to being thankful.  I've adopted the practice of mindful gratitude.  What does this mean? It means that I approach gratitude as something that I am responsible for, not something that I receive.  It is my responsibility to order my steps, have faith, be patient, work hard and to appreciate the things that make my life meaningful.  I sincerely hope that as we enter the holidays you are all able to affirm all the good in your lives, and continue to work towards the things that will bring you joy.  Happiness is something we must all work on daily and take accountability for.  The work I've put in on the UnFrumpyMommyStoreYouTube ChannelTikTok and Instagram has brought so much joy into my life!  I truly enjoy interacting with all of you on all of my platforms.  I sincerely hope that the content and products I've provided have brought you all joy!  This month's newsletter is all about expressing my gratitude to you all! 
XOXO - Tan


A HUGE THANKS to all of you who have ordered looks from out new Custom Luxe line! We know that it can be difficult to find just the right look to match your your luxury fashion accessories.  Thanks to these ladies for thinking of TheUnFrumpyMommyStore when it was time for them to style their luxe looks:

  Andrea A
  Jasmine G
 LaTrania T
 Linda J
 Laverne H
 Debbie E
 Candy J
 Daphne A
 Yolanda H
 Catina F
 Priscilla S
 Cynthia B
 Angela W

 A special shout out to Latrania T. and Andrea A. who sent us the sweetest email reviews of their custom luxe orders....

Hi!! thank you so much for the extra goodies that came with my custom T-shirts. That was a pleasant surprise and the package smelled so good! 😊

Everything arrived today & thank you for the shout out on your video. I will definitely be shopping again!



Got my beautiful t-shirt. Thanks for the goodies.  

I will order again. And tell others.


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We are so grateful for all of you that follow the UnFrumpyMommy on YouTube!!  One of the things we always try to highlight on our channel are the things our family is grateful for!  Sometimes it's big events.  Sometimes it's the "little things" and life's simple pleasures.  Here's a few highlights of the things we're grateful for..

 Thankful for family...

 Thankful for being in a strong marriage...

 Thankful for great experiences...

 Thankful for our health...


 Thankful for great friends...


 Thankful for being able to spend time with all of you!


As we mature, I think we all realize that every additional year of life is truly a blessing.  A special shout out to all of you who have chosen to celebrate your birthday celebrations with the UnFrumpyMommyStore!  Here are just a few of you who've purchased birthday looks from the UnFrumpyCelebrations collection...

   Kellee B
 Genevieve S
 Judy S
 Jill J
 Alberta P
 Terra M
 Shana N
 Bridget P
 Demica S
 Tiffany M
 Natalie J
 Sharon W
 Patricia D
 Moglie E
 Terri SM
 Lashawn W
 Verchella H
 Barbara W
 Mary C
 Alizia W
 Ansonia P
 Gwnedolyn M
 Briggitte S
 SeQuana C
 Angela G
 Eurith B
 Lorine A
 Antonina G
 Anica W
 Laurie B
 Phreidra V
 K Ford
 Rachel F
 Kortnei J
 Katrina H
 Tracia C
 April B


Here's a few of the birthday looks our customers have selected for their special celebrations...




"Every customer is an important customer" - words we live by at TheUnFrumpyMommyStore.  We are soooo grateful for EVERY SINGLE ORDER we receive!!.   A special shout-out to our current top 10 customers!

Debbie J
Judy S
Tammi H
Eurith B
Robin M
Teresa B
Lori S
K Ford
Georgia C
Dr. Carol W



Both Tan and her husband Erik are grateful to have graduated from a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).  Not only did they attend the BEST HBCU - this is where they met and fell in love! Checkout the latest UnFrumpyMommyStore looks shouting out HBCU's.




From 10/30/2021 to 11/16/2021 save 12% off any order.  How?  Enter the "secret" discount code.  What is the secret discount code?  Here's your clue:

**What HBCU did Tan and Erik attend (click here for a hint)?  Enter the acronym for the college only, in all CAPS as the discount code when checking out...
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If you watch the UnFrumpyMommy YouTube channel, you know there's nothing that Tan loves more than getting out into nature and "getting her hands dirty" being a plant mom.  There's something about the restorative power of nature that makes us grateful to be alive!  Check out the latest looks from the UnFrumpyWork collection for all you plant moms out there..


 Check out a few of Tan's favorite "plant mom videos"...

There's nothing wrong with being thankful for prosperity!  We want all of our shoppers to prosper and save some coin!  **Use NOVNEWS2021 to get 10% off any order that includes two purchases

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