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OK ... Full confession ... I'm not exactly the same size I was in high school ... or college .. or before I had a child.   Like most women, over the years I've watched my body transform and change, sometimes in ways I appreciated, sometimes in ways I did not anticipate.  I'm so glad to see society start to take steps towards embracing body types other than the traditional "25 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed, size 4" that has been accepted as the standard of beauty since I was a young girl.  I can tell you that, based on experience, we as women are often our own worst critics.  It's not always the men who have pushed stereotypical standards of beauty.  It has really been a coordinated effort of the Eurocentric fashion and beauty industry.  For so many years the media has promoted one standard of beauty.  That's is why I'm proud to be a social media influencer and boutique owner who promotes beauty in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Whether it's promoting beautiful Black women, offering fashionable inclusive size apparel, or promoting self care and exercise on my YouTube channel, I'll always promote diversity and inclusion!
XOXO - Tan


By popular demand, we are now offering size small in our most popular designs!  In our goal of being inclusive, TheUnFrumpyMommyStore originally opened with an emphasis on selling larger sizes up to 4XL.  We appreciate the love and appreciation you all showed us for stocking larger sizes!  That being said, we received soooo much positive feedback from those of you who wanted smaller sizes, or wanted shirts for your young daughters.  Here are just a few of the shirts that are popular in smaller sizes:


We love the positive reviews we've received on our UnFrumpyCurves line.  Check out some of our best selling designs available in 3XL and 4XL!



How about this GORGEOUS mother daughter duo representing beauty at all ages!!  Titiana Palmer (TT Party of 6 on YouTube) and her daughter rocking the Undefeated and Melanin T-Shirt.  Generational Beauty - WE LOVE TO SEE IT!!



Nothing is more beautiful than an EDUCATED woman of FAITH.  Check out Antonina Geer's Instagram where she recently featured her latest purchase of the Birthday Drip and Melanin T-Shirt.   Tan absolutely LOVES Antonina's Color Street nail styling services.  Check in with Antonina for all your nail styling needs! 



More diverse and beautiful UnFrumpyMommyStore customers featured on our reviews page!


There are definitely pluses and minuses to this new social media driven world we live in.  While there is some negativity out there, one of the things I think we can all appreciate is that it has given a voice to groups that were previously under-represented in "traditional" media and entertainment.  Here are a few Instagrammers and bloggers that promote inclusivity and diversity...

YouTube Black - promoting Black YouTubers and Content
The BarkerA lifestyle blog and digital domicile for personal story-telling, self-expression and cultural commentary quirks. 
Of course we can't forget our own UnFrumpyMommy.  Tan's Instagram is all about providing a fresh perspective on lifestyle over 40.



A large part of Tan's social media content is devoted to self care, staying fit, overall health and positive self image.  




While this newest tee bears the name of our favorite influencer and business owner- it was designed with you ladies in mind. If you take care of yourself, family and home… you’re an UnFrumpyMommy and this tee is for you. Perfect for lounging or running a quick errand. AND… it’s a BUNDLE DEAL!




Use our convenient sizing chart to find the perfect size!  If you follow the UnFrumpyMommy on Instagram and YouTube, you can also see her model the shirts featured in the store.  For reference, Tan "TheUnFrumpyMommy" (42 inch bust - 5'6" height) typically wears shirts in a Large (L) for a tighter fit, or an Extra Large (XL) for a more loose casual fit. 




Between 8/30/2020 and 9/30/2020 receive 10% off the purchase of any combination of two individual items (t-shirts, hoodies or an item from the UnFrumpyBundles collection) in a single order, with the exclusive newsletter coupon code - SEPNEWS2020.

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