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In my July blog I discussed faithgood health, great relationships, and great experiences being the true luxuries in life.  When it comes to great experiences there's nothing quite as therapeutic as travel. Sometimes it's about experiencing new cultures.  Sometimes it's about getting some much needed downtime.  Sometimes it's about spending quality time with your family.  All of these emotional needs can be met by enjoying a good vacation.  One thing about good therapy though - it can be expensive!  That's why this month's newsletter not only features some of my favorite travel locations, tips, and looks - it also highlights some inexpensive travel options.  I know from many of your comments, that you all love to travel.  What are some of your favorite places to travel? What are some of your travel tips?  Shoot us an email, let us know on Instagram or leave a comment on one of our travel videos.  We'd love to get your perspective!
XOXO - Tan



 To find our satisfied customers.  Here is some of our favorite customer feedback from July:


Hello, I am writing to advise you of the many, many compliments my husband and I received while wearing our "Black Marriages Matter" T-Shirts last month. We wore them when we visited Atlanta and surrounding cities last month for our nephew's wedding.. We traveled from Florida. Everywhere we went we were asked where we got our shirts from or they liked our shirts. My husband and I have been married thirty six and a half years, so we really believe in the saying.

It got kind of comical. I wrote your site name down and gave it to a guy who was waiting in the drive thru line when we came out of a fast food restaurant. I just found your site two months ago. I love it! I also brought the
"Chocolate Covered Nurses" t-shirt for my girlfriend for her birthday. It was a big hit at work! The same questions were asked of her. I am almost 64 years young and love what you are doing.

Even if you are a Rattler! My husband and I are BCU Wildcats!

Thank you,
Mrs. Tee.O

Hi Tan,

I received my shirt yesterday and what a pleasant surprise to see the shirt of Sade. One of my favorite singers. Thank you so much.

Take care,


  The lovely Antonina Boatman rocking the Blessed and Thankful Hoodie.

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Just a few of our favorite travel memories from TheUnFrumpyMommy's Instagram.  Make sure you're following Tan on Instagram to get her most up to date travel tips and fashions!



 Travel doesn't have to be expensive - in fact, in this economy, we're all looking for ways to save on vacation costs.  Here are some great alternative travel locations that won't stretch your travel budget.

 The U.S. Virgin Islands

Instead of going to Hawaii ($$$$) try the U.S. Virgin Islands ($$) - No one can debate that Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous places on earth.  In fact, Hawaii gets so much recognition that people (especially Americans) often forget that the United States has another beautiful chain of islands closer to home - The United States Virgin Islands (USVI).   This tropical paradise is closer (i.e. cheaper plane tickets), has comparable lush tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a rich vibrant culture.  If you're considering a trip to Hawaii, it's definitely worth comparing the cost of a USVI trip. 

 Orlando, FL

Or skip The Caribbean ($$$$) entirely and go to Orlando, FL ($$) - There's nothing quite as relaxing as a Caribbean vacation.  However, if the U.S. Virgin Islands, and The Caribbean in general are out of your budget, consider a trip to Orlando, Florida.  What's great about Orlando is that you can get Caribbean "vibes", without some of the challenges and costs that arise when traveling to the islands.  There are many Caribbean themed resorts - like Margaritaville. There are even Caribbean and Polynesian style hotels at Disney World and Universal Studios.  Plus, unlike the Caribbean, it might be possible for you to save on airfare if you're able to drive to Orlando.  Orlando also offers more convenience - theme parks, great shopping, plentiful restaurants - that no Caribbean island can match.

 Montreal + Quebec City Canada

Instead of going to Europe (Paris + London $$$$), go to Canada (Montreal + Quebec City $$) - Much like a Caribbean vacation, there's nothing quite like a great vacation to Europe.  The tours, cultural attractions, architecture, history, and museums are truly "bucket list" experiences.  But let's not kid ourselves - traveling across the Atlantic Ocean is expensive. The airfare alone from the U.S. to anywhere in Europe can easily be well over $1000 per person.  Once you get to Europe, you have to pay for hotels or an AirBnB - which both tend to be very expensive in Europe.  For those of us in the U.S., our neighbor to the north offers a European vibe, without the expense and time it takes to travel to Europe.  Flights from the United States to Canada tend to be much cheaper (and shorter!).  Cities like Montreal and Quebec City offer European style old world architecture, tours, and museums that are so immersive you'll forget you're in North America.  Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa are also great Canadian cultural centers.  Also, unlike Europe, It's also easier to rent a car and drive to, or around, Canada.

 Chicago, IL

    Instead of going to New York ($$$$), try Chicago ($$) - New York gets all the headlines, but Chicago is the quiet sleeping giant with just as beautiful a skyline as New York.  Plus, many of the museums and architectural wonders of Chicago actually surpass what is available in New York!  If you're pricing out a New York vacation definitely do a "Big Apple to apples" comparison and research the cost of a Chicago getaway.

     Savannah, GA + Hilton Head, SC

      Another inexpensive hidden travel gem - Savannah, GA + Hilton Head, SC.  We've had soooo much fun over the years hanging out on the Georgia - South Carolina coast.  Not only do cities like Savannah and Hilton Head offer beautiful beaches and great food - much like in Canada, you can also enjoy the rich "old world" cultural history that the coast has to offer.  There's great African and European history all along the coast.  From Charleston, down through Hilton Head, to Savannah and Tybee Island - you can experience the history of the Underground Railroad, Gullah tours, 18th - 19th century style architecture, tucked away beaches, haunted ghost tours and more!


      Shopping and packing for vacations can be fun but stressful at the same time!  You're excited for the possibilities of a great getaway, but overwhelmed by the responsibility of packing practical (but stylish) travel outfits, that will last your ENTIRE trip.  Plus you need a cute outfit for the airport! Here are a few of our go to clothing essentials for a stylish yet practical getaway.

      Short Sleeve V Neck Biker Shorts Set -  This short set is inexpensive, packs light, comes in multiple colors and takes the guess work out of choosing the right fits for each day of your vacation.
      Airplane Mode T-Shirt + Free Gift (Travel Tote) - Who says you can't be stylish while you're at the airport? This airport mode t-shirt and free matching eco-friendly travel tote will let everyone know you're a serious traveler!
      This adorable multi-color skirt will have your vacation Instagram and Facebook pictures poping!
      Why does it always feel like airports have the air conditioning permanently set to freezing?  We've been on enough cold airplanes and airport terminals to know to pack a stylish sweatshirt while traveling!
      Speaking of stylish sweatshirts, if you're traveling for a birthday celebration, why not rock the Astrology Sign Hoodie?
      Or, if you're traveling for a quick weekend getaway check out the Weekend Hoodie.
      This Shirt Dress is the perfect for tropical beach and cruise getaways!
      Just in time for tropical vacation season - this BABEYOND 1920s Panama Fedora Hat will keep your face out of the sun and protect your skin.



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      A few of the most popular videos from the UnFrumpyMommy Family Vacations Playlist...



      1. Roll out - Roll your clothes when packing to maximize the space in your luggage.

      1. Keep the hand sanitizer and wipes handy - COVID is still out here "thrusting and thriving".  So don't forget to keep travel size hand sanitizer and wipes handy - especially for germ filled airplanes, cruise ships, and amusement parks.  After all, you don't want to come back from vacation with an uninvited "visitor".
      2. Learn about your destination from YouTube - Anytime we're considering traveling somewhere new for a vacation, we educate ourselves by watching YouTube videos.  Trip Advisor, Yelp and Google reviews are great - but there's nothing quite like watching someone's vacation vlog to get a true sense of what a destination has to offer.  The best vacation vloggers "keep it real" by letting you know what to do, and what to avoid while traveling!
      3. Take a Bus Tour - Whenever they are available, we always book a bus tour while on vacation.  There is no better way to take in as much culture as possible within a short time period.  "Hop-on, hop-off" bus tours are particularly convenient because you can also use them instead of an Uber or taxi to navigate unfamiliar cities. We've loved bus tours in London, St. Maarten, Savannah, Chicago, New York, Paris and San Francisco.
      4. Use aromatherapy to make yourself feel at home - If you follow TheUnFrumpyMommy, you know that Tan is not the biggest fan of staying at hotels.  But of course, if you want to travel, you usually have to stay in a hotel.  If you also don't feel totally "at home" in hotel settings, bring aromatic bath soaps, plug-ins, and room sprays to help improve your mood.  One of Tan's favorites is Irish Spring Liquid Soap for it's simple, fresh clean scent.


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